30days of summer in Mok-dong

2017 | Self-initiated work
This project was started with the question of whether data could be shared locally in art & design. The focus of this project is not just on using data as a dynamic visual variable in a flexible identity design, but also as an approach to auditory identity design through data sonification.

From July 17 to August 15 in 2017, I gathered data around the same time between 12 and 1 in the afternoon, with low-tech such as mobile phone, some applications, sound recorder, UV detector and thermometer. It was taken in Paris park, which is in the center of Mok-dong, Seoul. 
I collected 1) temperature, humidity, UV index as weather-related data at a particular time and 2) measured noise level for 5 minutes as well as 3) recorded sound around the park. 4) I also took pictures and videos of the sky above the park. After gathering all 30day-data, I refined using spreadsheets and R studio.  
I used weather-related data to visualize and convert into sound in the identity design system. Other data types were additionally divided into 2 groups: sound, videos, pictures in the visual system and noise levels, photos in sonification.

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